Mitch Walcott – Europa

Originally released on Jeff Mills Axis sub-label 'Tomorrow', Europa is considered by many as a landmark album in space related ambient / electronica.

Ten years after the official release, Europa project has been remastered in USA gaining even more depth and dimension.

The cinematic abilities of Mitch Walcott music production are without a doubt shown all over the seven tracks covering the entire feelings one could experience in approaching Jupiter's most observed moon.

Is there any other form of life in our galaxy ? In the universe ?

Most likely yes. Various combinations of elements in unexplored territories should allow life to emerge at one point or another.

Europa first observations was made possible by Pioneer 10 and 11 in 1973 and 1974 but the technology at that time only allowed for low resolution pictures and small amount of informations.

In 1979, Voyager spacecraft allowed for more detailed datas transmissions to earth and showed clearly an icy surface that could cover an underneath ocean.

Then from 1995 to 2003, Galileo mission confirmed many potential or supposed facts about Europa.

As of today, Jupiter Europa Orbiter as part of Europa Jupiter System Mission is targeting to launch in 2020 looking for extraterrestrial life on the subsurface ocean of Europa.

We all know about it, water is source of life and life can't exist without water.

So, what's Europa icy surface is hiding ?
Is there another form of life that we're about to discover ?

In wait of so many answers to so many questions Europa is generating, Mitch Walcott offer you the soundtrack of what can be considered as one of the most exciting quest in human space exploration.


Mitch Walcott - Europa
Ten Year Anniversary Edition
(WS 02 - Release : 10/04/2012)

Includes enhanced graphics and PDF booklet

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