Mitch Walcott - under_tones (Wi1dscapes)


February is a very special month of the year, the only one with fewer than 30 days. February has 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years. 2012 is a leap year. This 29 February 2012, we are proud to start our new project...

Wildscapes introduces its very first release.
Mitch Walcott “under_tones”

A conceptual project finding itself between an album and a ring tones compilation offered as a gift to all our actual and potential future supporters. Well, it is much more than a simple compilation of random ring tones basically... Let's see it as one of the smallest albums actually available on the digital music market!

Mitch Walcott has a long and passionate relationship with space studies and all the mysteries our solar system still has to offer. Many will remember his fantastic first album 'Europa' (Axis/Tomorrow) who granted him the interest of the most legendary techno DJ of all time... Jeff Mills.

Followed by the more discrete, but no less qualitative 'Titan' where sound design and production did reveal Mitch Walcott's ability to transmit extremely precise impressions of what a human could experience if traveling in space and approaching Saturn's moon, Titan.

His more recent experiments with field recordings showed a particular interest for detailed sounds and without any doubts, Mitch Walcott was about to come up with a new project out of the norm, something different...

The “under_tones” project will definitely find a place with iOS devices worldwide due to its 'ring tones' format, which allows using each track as sound notifications on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

That's why providing this production under the .m4r format makes sense.


Created and recorded by Mitch Walcott, USA.
WS01 - Released 29-02-2012

Mitch Walcott - under_tones (Wi1dscapes)