Wildscapes provides music and sound projects by international artists without genre or style barriers.


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Wildscapes Podcast 'Iran'

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Wildscapes Podcast 'Mongolia'

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Mitch Walcott - beyond
Mitch Walcott celebrate nineteen years of music production with 'beyond'.

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Ten Year Anniversary Edition - Mitch Walcott project Titan has been re-mastered and close the loop of re-releases for Wildscapes. Discover about this project that followed 'Europa' in high quality audio.

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Mitch Walcott
Mitch Walcott was featured on Taos Experience Radio Show / Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday March 13 / 01:00 PM to celebrate it’s recent re-location to New Mexico. You can hear the show by visiting the link below.

Listen to Mitch Walcott on Taos Experience Radio Show

Wildscapes Podcast 'Lebanon'

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Tim Warren ambient masterpiece originally released on defunct label Square Root Records is now available again for lovers of music influenced by Plaid, Boards Of Canada or Aphex Twin.

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Mitch Walcott Live @ Devonwood (2012)
Thanks to our friends and supporters, Wildscapes exist since one year and we're proud of the very positive feedback received since we presented under_tones, a mini-album of ringtones... Ambient masterpiece 'Europa' was re-mastered and new material is on it's way. Slowly but surely, Wildscapes is experiencing it's own evolution. To celebrate with you the begining of a new year, please enjoy this ambient liveset by Mitch Walcott.

Mitch Walcott - Live @ Devonwood (Right click and save link as...)

Mitch Walcott 'Reaching The Subsurface Ocean' extarct from his album 'Europa' has been used by long time friend and excellent video artist 'Julie Meitz' in a video mapping project called 'Joan of Arc Birth House' and realized for the 600 th birthday of Joan Of Arc. Amazing work and highly interesting project that we definitely advise you to check and enjoy.

Julie Meitz website

Ten Year Anniversary Edition - Mitch Walcott's landmark ambient and electronica album re-mastered and now available digitally for worldwide lovers of highly qualitative space related music.

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Wildscapes Podcast 'Samurai' / The Bushidō rule.

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Wildscapes very first release is a free mini album of space inspired music by Mitch Walcott (Kentwood - Michigan - USA) offered for free in 'ringtones' format and compatible with all iOs devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad).

IMPORTANT NOTE : under_tones has been re-mastered in January 2013, please download it again to enjoy high quality sound.

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